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Global E-Prescribing Market by Product (Integrated Solutions, Standalone Solutions, Service (Support, Implementation, Training, Network)), Delivery Mode (Web, Cloud, On-premise), & End User (Hospital, Office-based Physicians, Pharmacy), Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2020-2027

Report ID: HC0920EP | Published Date: Sept-2020 | Category: Healthcare Technology | Base Year: 2023 | Format: Report Formats

Global E-Prescribing Market Definition:
E-prescribing, or electronic prescribing is a health care technology framework that allows physicians and other medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy in an electronic format instead of using written prescriptions. E-prescribing increases patient safety, and prescription accuracy, and reduces costs. Also, offers electronic connectivity between clinicians and pharmacies in real time and bi-directionally.

Global E-Prescribing Market Analysis:
The global E-prescribing market is expected to register a lucrative CAGR in the forecast period of 2020-2027. The report contains data from the base year 2019 and historic 2018. The major factors that are expected to be driving the e-prescribing market are the growing volume of patient data, increasing cases of covid 19 “COVID-19 impact on E-prescribing will boost the market growth”, advancements in technological expertise, rising government initiatives & the introduction of incentive programs for the acceptance of e-prescribing; and the need for efficiency in healthcare processes.

Global E-Prescribing Market Dynamics:
Market Drivers
• Government initiatives & incentive programs
Rising adoption among healthcare provider
• Advancements in technological expertise.

Market Restraints
• Lack the knowledge to operate advanced HCIT systems
• Reluctance to adopt new technology

Global E-Prescribing Market Segmentation:
By Product
• Solutions
o Integrated Solutions
o Standalone Solutions
• Services
• Support & Maintenance Services
• Implementation Services
• E-prescribing Network Services
• Training & Education Services

By Delivery Mode
• Web & Cloud-based
• On-premise

By Usability
• Handheld device
• Computer-based devices

By End User
• Hospitals
• Office-based Physicians
• Pharmaceuticals

By Geography
• North America
o U.S.
o Canada

• Europe
o Germany
o Italy
o U.K.
o France
o Spain
o Netherlands
o Belgium
o Switzerland
o Russia
o Poland
o Turkey
o Rest of Europe

• Asia-Pacific
o Japan
o China
o India

o South Korea o Australia
o Rest of Asia-Pacific

• Latin America
o Mexico
o Brazil
o Argentina
o Rest of Latin America

• Middle East and Africa
o GCC Countries
o South Africa
o North Africa
o Egypt
o Isreal
o Rest of Middle East and Africa

Recent Developments
• In August 2020, Surescripts introduced a new service entitled “Specialty Prescribing Process for Specialty Pharmacies” which provides Specialty Pharmacies with Clinical Information and Prior Authorization Capabilities in quick time. This will help the company to established itself in the field of the e-prescribing arena.
• In September 2016, Cerner Corporation signed an agreement with Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust (U.K.) to provide major electronic patient record programs, e-prescribing, clinical support, patient portal, and clinical documentation.
• In August 2016, athenahealth acquired Filament Labs, Inc. (U.S.), a provider of the care coordination platform used by providers to engage patients and caregivers outside the clinic.

• Competitive Analysis:
Global E-Prescribing Market is highly competitive, and major players have used various approaches to raise their footprints in this market such as new product advancements, acquisitions, contracts, joint ventures, alliances, acquisition, and others. The scope of the study includes E-Prescribing revenue for Global, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Middle East & Africa.

Key Market Players:
Key players operating in the Virus Testing Kits are:-

Research Methodology: Global E-Prescribing Market
Data collection modules with large sample sizes are used for data collection and base year analysis. Market share analysis and key trend analysis are the major factors for success in any market report. Market statistical and coherent models are used to analyze the market data. Please request an analyst call for more information on the research methodology.

Phoenix research consultants use their proprietary research methodology to evaluate data that involves data mining, analysis of the impact of data variables on the market, and primary validation. Furthermore, other data models consist of a market overview and guide, company matrix, key intensity vendor mapping, market forecasting analysis, company share analysis, top-down and bottom-up analysis, and others.

Demand and Supply Side – Primary Research Respondent
Demand Side: Medical software Buyers, Group Purchasing Organizations, Associations, Insurers, Medical Players, Healthcare Authorities, Academics and Universities, Technological Expertise, researchers, Promoters, and Investors among others.
Supply Side: Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Senior and mid-level Executives, Distributors, Market Intelligence, and Regulatory Authority Managers among others.

Report Insights:
• To gain insights into the competitive milieu in the market
• End-user assessment /Customer behaviors
• Detailed Demand and Supply Assessment
• Key market drivers and restraints Analysis
• Competitive landscape of the key players involved
• In-depth analysis of the market segmentation

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Market Outlook

3. Introduction
3.1. Study Objectives
3.2. Scope of the Study – Market Coverage / Taxonomy
3.3. Scope of the Study – Geographical Coverage
3.4. E-prescribing Market Stakeholders
3.5. Study Years & Currency
3.6. Research & Methodology

4. Key Market Trends
4.1. Key Trends Impacting the Market
4.2. Product Innovation / Development Trends

5. Parent Market Overview & Qualitative Analysis

6. Product Life Cycle Analysis

7. Market Background
7.1. Macro-Economic Factors
7.2. Forecast Factors – Relevance & Impact
7.3. Value Chain
7.4. Market Dynamics
7.4.1. Drivers
7.4.2. Restraints
7.4.3. Opportunity Analysis
7.4.4. Challenges

8. Policy and Regulatory Landscape

9. Supply Chain Analysis
9.1. List of Active Participants- By Region
9.2. Key Distributors/Retailers

10. Value Chain and Pricing Analysis
10.1. Regional Average Pricing Analysis
10.2. Value Chain Analysis
10.3. Factors Influencing Pricing

11. Global E-prescribing Market

12. Global E-prescribing Market , By Indication
12.1. Global E-prescribing Market , By Product
12.2. Global E-prescribing Market , By Solutions
12.2.1. Global E-prescribing Market , By Integrated Solutions
12.2.2. Global E-prescribing Market , By Standalone Solutions
12.3. Global E-prescribing Market , By Services
12.4. Global E-prescribing Market , By Support & Maintenance Services
12.5. Global E-prescribing Market , By Implementation Services
12.6. Global E-prescribing Market , By E-prescribing Network Services
12.7. Global E-prescribing Market , By Training & Education Services

13. Global E-prescribing Market , By Delivery Mode
13.1. Global E-prescribing Market , By Web & Cloud-based
13.2. Global E-prescribing Market , By On-premise

14. Global E-prescribing Market , By Usability
14.1. Global E-prescribing Market , By Handheld device
14.2. Global E-prescribing Market , By Computer-based devices

15. Global E-prescribing Market , By End User
15.1. Global E-prescribing Market , By Hospitals
15.2. Global E-prescribing Market , By Office-based Physicians
15.3. Global E-prescribing Market , By Pharmaceuticals

16. Global E-prescribing Market , By Geography
16.1. North America E-prescribing Market , By Country
16.1.1. North America E-prescribing Market , By USA
16.1.2. North America E-prescribing Market , By Canada

      16.2. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Country
16.2.1. Europe E-prescribing Market , By UK
16.2.2. Europe E-prescribing Market , By France
16.2.3. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Germany
16.2.4. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Italy
16.2.5. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Spain
16.2.6. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Netherlands
16.2.7. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Belgium
16.2.8. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Switzerland
16.2.9. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Russia
16.2.10. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Poland
16.2.11. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Turkey
16.2.12. Europe E-prescribing Market , By Rest of Europe

      16.3. Asia-Pacific E-prescribing Market , By Country
16.3.1. Asia-Pacific E-prescribing Market , By China
16.3.2. Asia-Pacific E-prescribing Market , By India
16.3.3. Asia-Pacific E-prescribing Market , By Japan
16.3.4. Asia-Pacific E-prescribing Market , By Australia & New Zealand
16.3.5. Asia-Pacific E-prescribing Market , By Rest of Asia-pacific

      16.4. Latin America E-prescribing Market , By Country
16.4.1. Latin America E-prescribing Market , By Mexico
16.4.2. Latin America E-prescribing Market , By Brazil
16.4.3. Latin America E-prescribing Market , By Argentina
16.4.4. Latin America E-prescribing Market , By Rest of Latin America

      16.5. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By Country
16.5.1. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By GCC Countries
16.5.2. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By South Africa
16.5.3. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By North Africa
16.5.4. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By Egypt
16.5.5. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By Israel
16.5.6. Middle East and Africa E-prescribing Market , By Rest of Middle East and Africa
16.6. Rest of World E-prescribing Market , By Country

17. Competitive Landscape
17.1. Market Share Analysis (2018)
17.2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

18. Company Profiles
18.1. Cerner Corporation (U.S.)
18.1.1. Revenue Analysis
18.1.2. Geographical Analysis
18.1.3. Recent Development

18.2. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (U.S.)
18.2.1. Overview
18.2.2. Revenue Analysis
18.2.3. Geographical Analysis
18.2.4. Recent Development

18.3. Henry Schein, Inc. (U.S.)
18.3.1. Overview
18.3.2. Revenue Analysis
18.3.3. Geographical Analysis
18.3.4. Recent Development

18.4. Quality Systems, Inc. (U.S.)
18.4.1. Overview
18.4.2. Revenue Analysis
18.4.3. Geographical Analysis
18.4.4. Recent Development

18.5. athenahealth, Inc. (U.S.)
18.5.1. Overview
18.5.2. Revenue Analysis
18.5.3. Geographical Analysis
18.5.4. Recent Development

18.6. Computer Programs and Systems Inc. (U.S.)
18.6.1. Overview
18.6.2. Revenue Analysis
18.6.3. Geographical Analysis
18.6.4. Recent Development

18.7. DrFirst, Inc. (U.S.)
18.7.1. Overview
18.7.2. Revenue Analysis
18.7.3. Geographical Analysis
18.7.4. Recent Development

18.8. Surescripts-RxHub, LLC. (U.S.)
18.8.1. Overview
18.8.2. Revenue Analysis
18.8.3. Geographical Analysis
18.8.4. Recent Development

18.9. Epic Systems Corporation (U.S.)
18.9.1. Overview
18.9.2. Revenue Analysis
18.9.3. Geographical Analysis
18.9.4. Recent Development

18.10. GE Healthcare (U.S.)
18.10.1. Overview
18.10.2. Revenue Analysis
18.10.3. Geographical Analysis
18.10.4. Recent Development





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