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Global Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System (EVWSS) Market: Share, Industry Statics, Size, Future Trends, SWOT Analysis, Competition, Covid-19 Impact, Growth & Opportunities, and Forecasts 2021 to 2028

Report ID: EV1121SS | Published Date: Nov-2021 | Category: Electric Vehicles | Base Year: 2023 | Format: Report Formats

The Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) assists cyclists, pedestrians, traffic participants, children, and others to get informed that a running vehicle is coming towards or passing adjacent to them. Electric vehicles do not produce any engine sound/noise which is very dangerous also non-habitual to people. So it is very necessary to alert nearby people regarding vehicle presence/running or passing so the Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System (EVWSS) is a mandatory accessory in many countries nowadays. an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, which will be activated at 20mph and below while operating the vehicle in the forward and reverse direction.

According to Phoenix Research, The Global Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System (EVWSS) is projected to grow at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period 2021-2028.

The key players covered in the Global Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System (EVWSS) Market report are Diamler Systems, Biamp Limited, Nissan Motor, Honda, Krotos Audio, General Motors, Harman Systems, Ford Motor, EV Sound System, Toyota Motor, Analog Devices, Kaqiyinxiang China, MANDO-HELLLA Electronics, Aptiv, and others.

Global Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System (EVWSS) Market

Contact for more details on Pre and Post Covid 19 impact on supply and demand, price, manufacturer/provider, End use industry among others.

Global Electric Vehicle Market – Pre and Post-Covid Analysis
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak has created extreme uncertainty in the market growth globally. The pandemic outbreak has affected and changed the complete dynamics of the Automotive industry in ways that are hard to believe. The efficacy and intensity of containment efforts to the extent of supply disruptions, shifts in spending patterns, behavioral changes (such as avoiding purchasing new vehicles), the repercussions of the dramatic tightening in global market conditions, confidence effects, volatile commodity prices, and increasing debt burdens. Due to COVID-19, all the countries have terribly faced a multi-layered crisis comprising of domestic economic disruptions, plummeting external demand, collapse in the prices, and collapse in supply and demand of the products across the globe.

Market Segmentation
By System Type •   Active Warning Sound System (AWSS)
•   Passive Warning Sound System (PWSS)

By Propulsion
•   PHEVs (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles)
•   FCEV (Fuel cell electric vehicles)
•   HEVs (Hybrid electric vehicles)
•   EVs (All-electric vehicles)

By Vehicles Type
•   Two Wheelers
•   Passenger Car
•   Commercial Vehicles

By Vehicle Class
•   Starting Range
•   Mid-Range
•   Luxury

By Vehicle Technology
•   Plug In
•   Battery
•   Hybrid

By Geography
• North America
•   U.S.
•   Canada

• Asia-Pacific
•   Japan
•   China
•   India
•   South Korea
•   Australia
•   Rest of Asia-Pacific

• Europe
•   Germany
•   Italy
•   U.K.
•   France
•   Spain
•   Netherlands
•   Belgium
•   Switzerland
•   Russia
•   Poland
•   Turkey
•   Rest of Eastern Europe

• Middle East and Africa
•   GCC Countries
•   South Africa
•   North Africa
•   Egypt
•   Israel
•   Rest of Middle East and Africa

• Latin America
•   Mexico
•   Brazil
•   Argentina
•   Rest of Latin America

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Question: What is Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System (EVWSS)?
Answer: The electric vehicle warning sound system is an Electric vehicle accessory that produces a warning or alert sort of sound to aware pedestrians, cyclists,s or people near the road regarding vehicle presence.

Question: What is the use of an Electric Vehicle Warning Sound System?
Answer: EVWSS is very useful to avoid accidents, and collisions between two vehicles, and also to make running traffic less dangerous to the nearby public.

Question: EVWSS is a mandatory function in Electric Vehicle?
Answer: Till the Year 2021, only the EU made EVWSS a mandatory accessory to apply on Vehicles other countries are trying to make policy for the same.

Question: At what speed is EVWSS activated?
Answer: EVWSS gets automatically activated at the minimum speed of 12kmph, Driver can also activate the system manually as per requirement.

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