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Global Online Medical Market (2020-2027): By Service type (Online Pharmacy, Distant Consultations, Medical Files Evaluation, Illness Specific Health Diagnosis, Health Education and Others), By End Users (Hospitals and Clinics, Pharmacies, Medical Equipment Sellers, General Public), by Geography – Opportunities and Forecast

Report ID: HC0120OM | Published Date: Jan-2020 | Category: Healthcare | Base Year: 2023 | Format: Report Formats

The concept of the Online Medical Market has been utilized to provide medical help, consultation from doctors, and medical instruments purchasing over the internet. This digital health technology age primarily focuses on providing quality care to patients with the utilization of affordable methods. These facilities of online medical care can also be applied to regularly monitor the patient from different locations. This market works as both B2C and B2B markets. Although the idea of an organized online market was borrowed from online health blogs and healthcare communities, it is quite different from these online blogs related to general patient issues.

The prime drivers for this market are mainly such factors as rapid growth in technological advancement and increasing use of smartphones. Various developing countries like India are observing a revolution in the utilization of the internet and thus, it has become the major reason for the growth of the online medical market. Additionally, the government in these developing countries are also taking certain initiatives to enhance the use of the online medical market for the convenience of the patients.

The initiation of the online medical market is also considered as an affordable approach as it surpasses several unnecessary third parties in between the long supply chain of the healthcare industry. Also, it is helpful in dealing with regulatory purposes because of its transparent purchase system and well documentation. The automatic contracting process for the sellers also has been streamlined by the online medical market. Another important reason for the boom in the online medical market is the provision of purchase data that helps market players in understanding the latest trend in healthcare. One of the major limiting factors of the online medical market is the presence of illegal or illicit online pharmacies or providers of the medical instrument.

There are various recognized players in the market such as Nant Health, Baidu, Online Care Group, Flatiron Health, Alibaba, Proteus Digital Health, Apple, Practice Fusion, and Castlight Health.

The segmentation of the Global Online Medical Market is based on service type, key geographies, and by end-users. On the basis of service type, the market consists of Remote Consultations, Disease-Specific Health Assessment, Online Pharmacy, Medical Files Assessment, Health Education, and many more. An in-depth analysis of the global online medical market based on these segmentations has been described in the research report “Global Online Medical Market” for the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. The highlights of this research report are the primary market drivers enhancing the growth and challenges faced by the participants of the market. Additionally, the research report also provides the size of the market and its forecast. Also, the report evaluates the primary players, competitive landscape, and their approaches in 2020. The major highlights of the competitive landscape are the latest trend and developments in the market.

Markets Covered
By Service Type
•   Disease specific Health Assessment
•   Health Education
•   Medical Files Assessment
•   Online Pharmacy
•   Remote Consultation
•   Others

By End Users
•   Clinics & Hospitals
•   General Public Medicine
•   Medical/Surgery Equipment Sellers
•   Pharmacy

By Geography
• North America
•   By Service Type
•   By End Users
•   US
•   Canada
•   Mexico

• Europe
•   By Service Type
•   By End Users
•   UK
•   Germany
•   Spain
•   Rest of Europe

• Asia-Pacific
•   By Service Type
•   By End Users
•   China
•   Australia
•   India
•   Rest APAC

•   By Service Type
•   By End Users
•   Brazil
•   South Africa
•   GCC countries
•   Rest of World

Key Market Players
•   Alibaba
•   Apple
•   Baidu
•   Castlight Health
•   Flatiron Health
•   Google
•   Nant Health
•   Online Care Group
•   Practice Fusion
•   Proteus Digital Health

Key Highlights of the Report:
1. What is the momentum of growth of the global online medical market?
2. What will be the trend in growth in the coming years?
3. What are the major drivers and constraints in the recent market?
4. What will be the influence of drivers and constraints in the coming years?
5. What are the forecast interruptions and regional income?
6. Which are the primary regional income pockets for the global online medical market growth?
7. What are the different areas of application and in what way they are composed to grow?

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