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India Precision Agriculture Market (2020-2027): By Technology (Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Variable Rate Technologies (VRT), Guidance Systems, & Remote Sensing System), By Components ([By Hardware (Drones, Automated Steering System, Sensors, & Radar) and Software (Crop Management Software, GIS, Weather Tracking, People & Financial Management, & Inventory)]), By Applications (Soil Monitoring, Crop Scouting, Field Mapping, Yield Monitoring, & Others), By Region (Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern), Forecast, Growth & Opportunities

Report ID: AI0520PA | Published Date: May-2020 | Category: Agriculture | Base Year: 2023 | Format: Report Formats

Precision agriculture is also termed site-specific crop management (SSCM). In the 1980s in the US Precision Agriculture techniques evolved for farmers to make farming smart and efficient. Precision Farming is attributed to an intelligent form of unified farming structure that takes advantage of modern technologies and advanced research methodologies for improving agricultural productivity. In India, the precision agriculture systems are anticipatory to witness an upsurge in acceptance and growing awareness as they empower farmers to precisely operate fluctuation in the field, raise crop productivity, and decrease farming expenses.

According to Pheonix Research, India’s Precision Agriculture Market is to reach $97 million in 2019 and grow at a CAGR of 12.3% during 2020-2027. The implementation of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Devices, and others are transforming the old traditional methods of farming and making Indian farmers smarter. Growing awareness towards precision farming and the need to assure yields from narrow field size. Additionally, improving the need for data related to the current crop conditions, weather forecasts, and soil nutrition is further expected to raise demand for precision agriculture in India during 2020-27. However, the high cost of equipment, expensive maintenance of sensors, and lack of scientific knowledge among farmers about technologies are the main challenges to the growth of the precision agriculture market in India.

In 2019, the contribution of the agriculture sector to India’s GDP was 16.5%. The central and state governments providing subsidies to farmers to buy this costly equipment, high usage of smartphones, awareness programs by agriculture-oriented companies and government departments further drive the digital farming market in India.

Key notable players in Precision Agriculture Market in India include Tech Mahindra Limited, Deere & Company, Trimble Inc., Aibono, , AgCode, SatSure Ltd., Intello Labs, Fasal, Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, and Others

India Precision Agriculture Market is segmented By Technology, By Component, By Application, By Region 2020-2027″ has figured out the subsequent growth probability of the Precision Agriculture Market in India and provides current statistics & intelligence on market trends, size, share, structure, and future insights. Additionally, the study also classifies and interprets the rising trends inclusive of fundamental growth drivers, restraints, and new opportunities in the India Digital Farming Market.

Market Segmentation
By Technology
• Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Variable Rate Technologies (VRT)
• Guidance Systems
• Remote Sensing System

By Components
• By Hardware
Automated Steering System

• Software
Crop Management Software
Weather Tracking
People & Financial Management

By Applications
• Soil Monitoring
• Crop Scouting
• Field Mapping
• Yield Monitoring
• Others

By Region
• Eastern
• Western
• Northern
• Southern

Competitive Landscape

1. Market Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.1.2 Market Definition
1.1.3 Market Scope Years Considered for the Study Market Covered
1.1.4 Currency
1.1.5 Limitations
1.1.6 Stakeholders

2. Research Methodology
2.1 Research Data
2.1.1 Secondary Data Key Data From Secondary Sources
2.1.2 Primary Data Key Data From Primary Sources

2.2 Market Size Estimation
2.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
2.4 Assumptions for the Study

3. Executive Summary
3.1 Market Outlook
3.2 Segment Outlook
3.3 Competitive Insights

4. India Precision Agriculture Market Variables, Trends & Scope
4.1 Market Lineage Outlook
4.2 Penetration and Growth Prospect Mapping
4.3 Industry Value Chain Analysis
4.4 Cost Analysis Breakdown
4.5 Technology Overview
4.6 Regulatory Framework
4.6.1 Reimbursement Framework
4.6.2 Standards And Compliances

5. India Precision Agriculture Market Overview
5.1 Market Dynamics
5.1.1 Market Driver Analysis
5.1.2 Market Restraint Analysis
5.1.3 Industry Challenges

6. India Precision Agriculture Market Analysis Tools
6.1 Industry Analysis – Porter’s
6.1.1 Supplier Power
6.1.2 Buyer Power
6.1.3 Substitution Threat
6.1.4 Threat from New Entrants
6.1.5 Competitive Rivalry

6.2 Pestel Analysis
6.2.1 Political Landscape
6.2.2 Environmental Landscape
6.2.3 Social Landscape
6.2.4 Technology Landscape
6.2.5 Legal Landscape

6.3 Major Deals And Strategic Alliances Analysis
6.3.1 Joint Ventures
6.3.2 Mergers and Acquisitions
6.3.3 Licensing and Partnership
6.3.4 Technology Collaborations
6.3.5 Strategic Divestments

6.4 Market Entry Strategies

6.5 Case Studies

7. India Precision Agriculture Market, By Technology Historical Analysis and Forecast 2020-2027 (USD Million)
7.1 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
7.2 Global Positioning System (GPS)
7.3 Variable Rate Technologies (VRT)
7.4 Guidance Systems
7.5 Remote Sensing System

8. India Precision Agriculture Market, By Components Historical Analysis and Forecast 2020-2027 (USD Million)
8.1 By Hardware
8.1.1 Drones
8.1.2 Automated Steering System
8.1.3 Sensors
8.1.4 Radar

8.2 Software
8.2.1 Crop Management Software
8.2.2 GIS
8.2.3 Weather Tracking
8.2.4 People & Financial Management
8.2.5 Inventory

9. India Precision Agriculture Market, By Applications Historical Analysis and Forecast 2020-2027 (USD Million)
9.1 Soil Monitoring
9.2 Crop Scouting
9.3 Field Mapping
9.4 Yield Monitoring
9.5 Others

10. India Precision Agriculture Market, By Region Historical Analysis and Forecast 2020-2027 (USD Million)
10.1 Eastern
10.2 western
10.3 Northern
10.4 Southern

11. Market Share Analysis and Competitive Landscape
11.1 India Landscape – Key Players, Revenue and Presence
11.2 India Share Analysis – Key Players (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)
11.3 India Emerging Companies
11.4 India Key Player – Growth Matrix

12. Company Profiles (Competition Dashboard, Competitors Deep Dive, Products Offered and Financial Layouts)
12.1 John Deere India Private Limited
12.1.1 Company Overview
12.1.2 Product Portfolio
12.1.3 SWOT Analysis
12.1.4 Financial Overview
12.1.5 Strategic Overview

12.2 Satsure Analytics India Private Limited
12.2.1 Company Overview
12.2.2 Product Portfolio
12.2.3 SWOT Analysis
12.2.4 Financial Overview
12.2.5 Strategic Overview

12.3 Aibono Smart Farming Private Limited
12.3.1 Company Overview
12.3.2 Product Portfolio
12.3.3 SWOT Analysis
12.3.4 Financial Overview
12.3.5 Strategic Overview

12.4 Cropin Technology Solutions Private Limited
12.4.1 Company Overview
12.4.2 Product Portfolio
12.4.3 SWOT Analysis
12.4.4 Financial Overview
12.4.5 Strategic Overview

12.5 Mahindra & Mahindra
12.5.1 Company Overview
12.5.2 Product Portfolio
12.5.3 SWOT Analysis
12.5.4 Financial Overview
12.5.5 Strategic Overview

12.6 Jain Irrigation Systems Limited
12.6.1 Company Overview
12.6.2 Product Portfolio
12.6.3 SWOT Analysis
12.6.4 Financial Overview
12.6.5 Strategic Overview

12.7 Intello Labs Private Limited
12.7.1 Company Overview
12.7.2 Product Portfolio
12.7.3 SWOT Analysis
12.7.4 Financial Overview
12.7.5 Strategic Overview

12.8 Fasal Agro Business Private Limited.
12.8.1 Company Overview
12.8.2 Product Portfolio
12.8.3 SWOT Analysis
12.8.4 Financial Overview
12.8.5 Strategic Overview

12.9 Exabit Systems Private Limited
12.9.1 Company Overview
12.9.2 Product Portfolio
12.9.3 SWOT Analysis
12.9.4 Financial Overview
12.9.5 Strategic Overview

Note: The above list is tentative and may change with the latest market updates

13. Pre and Post COVID-19 Impact
13.1 Positive influence on the industry
13.2 The financial disruption of the manufacturing sector
13.3 Impact of COVID-19 on Emerging Companies
13.4 Significant mandates in the industry regulations initiated by administrations
13.5 The overall economic slowdown of the developing and developed nations

14. Pheonix SME Key Takeaway Points for Client

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