Global Alkaline Water Purifier Market: Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, Opportunity and Forecast (2021-2027)

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Alkaline Water Purifier machines formerly become trendy especially in Japan and some other East Asian regions although the U.S. and European countries it was in the awareness phase."

An alkaline ionizer (also known as a water ionizer) raises the pH level of drinking water by applying the electrolysis process to isolate the normal/incoming water stream into alkaline and acidic components. The supporter also claims that the regular usage of alkaline water provides an array of good health benefits. Regular or UV+RO treated drinking water usually has a neutral pH of 7 where Alkaline water has a pH level of 8 or 9. Alkaline water also consists of negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) and alkaline minerals. ORP is the capability of water to function as an antioxidant.

According to Pheonix Research, Global Alkaline Water Purifier Market is projected XX USD million in 2019 and is expected to reach the value of xx USD Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of xx% during 2021-2027. Growing awareness of healthy hydration and the medical benefits of ionized water is the prime growth factor in the global market for alkaline water purifier (Kangen water). Rapid evolution in hydrating behavior & ionized water assures quality and water for the body-detoxification are some of the compelling advancement in this segment.

Realizing the common health issues and well-being movement, alkaline water has various stable selling circumstances for the prospective buyers looking for upgraded health and wellness advantage from the water they usually consume. Significant claims in addition to quick re-hydration, the fulfillment of necessary minerals deficiency during exercise or other regular activities, maintaining equilibrium body’s pH level and a genre to avoid forthcoming illness, alkaline water purifiers are well settled to hold large market share in the forecast period.

In terms of Region: The Asia Pacific captures the largest market share however the topmost growth rates witness in North America and Western Europe. although alkaline water purifiers in the Asia Pacific exhibit a growth rate of 9%, in North America the growth rate is 47% and in Western Europe, this is 56%.In North America in specific, the segment has been revolutionized from a niche segment into one with the biggest proclamation acknowledge to the beverage's practical phase.

Report Coverage:
 • Global Alkaline Water Purifier Market Overview: Comprehensive study of the alkaline water purifier market, with respect to volume and data, leading brands, consumer profiles, cultural factors, key trends, and advancement with forecasts to 2027.
 • Regional Segment: Exclusive research in the Asia Pacific, North America, West Europe, and RoW markets for alkaline waters purifiers in-depth analysis.
 • Company Profiles of leading brands: descriptive product information, devices type, distribution channel, and competitive pricing & offers.

Market Segmentation
By Type
   • Distilled Alkaline Water
   • Ionized Alkaline Water)

By Devices Type
   • Wall Mounted
   • Faucet-mounted
   • Countertop
   • Under-the-sink (UTS)
   • Tabletop

By Distribution Channel
   • Online Stores
   • Retail Sales
   • Direct Sales
   • Supermarkets
   • Hypermarkets

By Portability
   • Portable
   • Non-portable

End User
   • Commercial
   • Residential
   • Industrial

By Regions
By Region
   • North America
      ▫ U.S.
      ▫ Canada
      ▫ Mexico

   • Europe
      ▫ UK
      ▫ France
      ▫ Germany
      ▫ Italy
      ▫ Spain
      ▫ Rest of Europe

   • Asia-Pacific
      ▫ Singapore
      ▫ India
      ▫ China
      ▫ South Korea
      ▫ Indonesia
      ▫ Malaysia
      ▫ Thailand
      ▫ Taiwan
      ▫ Rest of APAC

   • Middle East and Africa
      ▫ Turkey
      ▫ Saudi Arabia
      ▫ United Arab Emirates
      ▫ Oman
      ▫ Kuwait
      ▫ Qatar
      ▫ Egypt
      ▫ Others

   • Southeast Asia
   • ROW (Rest of the World)

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