Global Building & Construction Glass Market Analysis, Market Size, End-Use Industry Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies, And Forecasts 2019-2025

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A considerable growth is expected to be seen in the market of the global building and construction glass over the forecast period of 2019-2025 as there is an increase in the advancement of green buildings and a rise in awareness for energy efficiency. The major use of this product is mostly in porticos and roofs so that the aesthetics of the buildings can be enhanced. The product is very versatile in terms of designing as this product can be applied to various places. The anticipation is that this product can drive the market for 2019-2025.

According to Pheonix Research, the market of the global construction is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period, 2019-25. It has been observed that various countries have started adopting green buildings representing its growth opportunities in developing economies such as Colombia, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. The leading construction market is observed in China across the world. According to the 13th five-year plan of China for Building Energy Efficiency and Green Building development, by 2025, the target of China is to improve the efficiency of the energy of newly constructed buildings in the urban areas by 20% in comparison to the levels of 2015.

The anticipation of a new green building space in China is estimated to reach two billion square meters by 2020. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development take initiative to support the green buildings.

As the modernization and upgradation of existing infrastructure increases, it will also have a positive impact on market growth over the coming years. As per the data published by the European Commission, in Europe, around 35% of the buildings are older than fifty years.

Based on the strength, the market can be categorized into heat-strengthened, annealed, and fully-tempered. The other name for annealed glass is basic float and it is highly used in construction because of its better surface smoothness. But this product is risky to use because it is prone to breakage.

Tempered glass and high-strengthened glass are tough to break as they are treated with high-heat. Other products that are manufactured with improved quality and performance are insulated, laminated, tinted, coated, and wired glass. It has been estimated that new opportunities will open by the end of 2025 due to technological advancements in manufacturing.

Laminated, tempered, basic float, and insulating are the primary types of glass. The utilization of laminated glass is mostly in exterior curtain walls and windows of the buildings while the major application of tempered glass is in commercial applications with a high exterior load. Due to its superior thermal and sound insulation, insulated glass has been emerged as highly rewarding on application.

The major application of the product is refurbishment, new construction, and interiors. Additionally, due to the rise in spending on infrastructure, growth in population, and multifamily housing development, this product is expected to grow in demand by 2025.

On the basis of geography, this building and construction glass market can be divided into the Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, Central and South America. Due to the increase in industrialization and enhancing the disposable income of middle-class people in the Asia Pacific, it is estimated to witness significant growth by 2025. In North America, the major consumer of the product is the US.

In October in 2018, Panasonic and AGC joined each other to develop vacuum-insulated glass for the construction industry. The main motive behind this partnership is to fulfill the increasing demand for insulated replacement windows in residences in Europe.

In 2018 in September, a new double-silver coated solar control glass was launched by Guardian for facades and windows. A flat glass manufacturing facility in Italy was acquired by Sisecam Group in June 2018 and its production capacity was doubled by the investment of $18.2 million.

PPG Industries, AGC Inc., Saint Gobain, Guardian Industries, Corning Inc., NSG Group, Central Glass Holdings Limited, SCHOTT AG., and Sisecam Group are the major players in the market of the building and construction glass. The primary strategies adopted by these companies to gain a forefront in the market are to expand the market and develop new products.

Markets Covered

North America Building & Construction Glass Market (2019-2025)
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Europe Building & Construction Glass Market (2019-2025)
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APAC Building & Construction Glass Market (2019-2025)
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ROW Building & Construction Glass Market (2019-2025)
By Country – Brazil, Middle East And Africa, And Others
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Key Highlights of the Report:

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  • In what way, the restraints, market drivers, and future opportunities impact the dynamics of the market and following analysis of the linked trends?
  • The growth of the market will be driven by which segment or region and why?
  • A complete mapping of the viable landscape and the behavior of the participants of the market.
  • What are the primary strategies adopted by the players of the market? A detailed analysis of these strategies with their influence on growth and competition.

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