India Agriculture Baler Market (2019-2025): By Type (Round Baler, Square Baler), By Application (Hay Compressor, Straw Compressor, Cotton Compressor, Livestock Industry, Others), By Regions (Southern, Northern, Eastern, Western, & Central India) And Competitive Landscape

Report Code : AE0220HB | Publication Date : Feb-2020 | Report Format :

The India Agriculture Baler Market is estimated to reach $xx million during 2024. Growing awareness towards air pollution and increasing automation in agriculture infrastructure boost the market for Baler Market in India. Farmers are now searching for more sources of profit rather than traditional methods so the introduction of the baler and other components are some major factors influence the market growth. Farmers burn their crop residual to clean their farms which reduces the soil productivity and also increases air pollution as per government experts. Baler is impacting on the income growth of farmers as this hay compressed cubes again used to produce various useful components like fuel bars, used to clay and concrete mixture, etc.

Agriculture Baler, commonly known as a straw compressor which is used to compress crop residual (such as hay, salt marsh hay, cotton, flax straw, and silage) into compressed round, rectangular or square blocks. Baler has additional components such as a compression chamber, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic rams or arms, cylinders, rotary belts, big wheels, and tying mechanisms (netting, twine, wire, rope, strapping, etc.) which are imported from various providers and assembled in workshops. The India Agriculture Baler Market is driven by some major factors like development in agriculture automation and large scale production of cereals and other major crops.

Based on type, the baler market is segmented into the small square, large square, and round baler. Square balers are majorly accepted due to their dynamic speed and high productivity.

In terms of application, the market is divided into hay compressing, straw compressing, cotton compressing, livestock, and others. The straw compressing division is anticipated to drive baler's demand in the coming years due to the significant expansion in the farming intake area.

On the basis of end-use, the Indian Agriculture Baler Market is segmented as commercial and individual. The commercial segment is likely to raise the demand for balers in the coming future and the important share of the individual segment is anticipated to grow significantly.

By Region, the Indian agriculture baler market is segmented into Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern And North Eastern. North India dominates the market due to major plating of food crops (wheat, maize, rice, pulses, and millets) which leaves the big amount of residue after harvesting so the demand of balers is higher in the region, Whereas Southern region is estimated to grow owing to the implementation of smart agricultural equipment.

Major players in the India Agriculture Baler Market are New Holland, John Deere, Kartar Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd., Redlands, Mahindra, Darsh Agromash, PALESSE, and others.

The India Agriculture Baler Market Report is segmented By Type, Application, and Regions. The report provides an exclusive study of the baler market key development areas, growth & opportunities, future trends, and drivers & restraints.

Scope of Report:
    Market size
    Market growth & opportunity
    Market segments and sub-segments
    Supply and demand chain
    Market challenges
    Competitive landscape
    Technological advancements
    Market dynamics and trends
    Value chain analysis
    Stakeholder analysis

Market Segmentation
By Type
  • Round Baler
  • Square Baler

By Application
  • Hay Compressor
  • Straw Compressor
  • Cotton Compressor
  • Livestock Industry
  • Others

By Regions
  • Southern India
  • Northern India
  • Eastern India
  • Western India
  • Central India

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